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No More Heroes 2 I long anticipated for. Got the release date marked on my calender I truly love this video game. The first one took my buy surprise and the second one was a lot more like desert after the main meal.

Whats enhanced with the second game? Well... The characters are already handled up a lot things are all more in depth this time around (not really that there was clearly anything wrong with the original look), the Game has improved music this point which gets you pretty energized, There is a lot hotter female bosses for some reason (no problems here), the goons you fight are a lot easier better. There is a lot more variety as far as the kinds and they will have various fighting styles, however they do not have anything to do with the bosses you fight like in the previous game where they really had a theme to go along with the level you were enjoying.... and well it appears like they eliminated and added some stuff in order to satisfy the complainers.

I'll get into that. With the first game every person nagged about how precisely hard the bike were to control and nagged about riding around on the globe so they got that part out the game(I never nagged it was if fun)now you just point and then click area's on your map and you go directly to them. The side missions are old school 8 bit mini games. They've their charm, but because you don't need to grind on side tasks to obtain stuff you aren't simply instructed to do them. I kind of missed the old mission style since it added more to the game, however this was alright I suppose...would have been more pleasurable if it could have been an unlockable much like the Bizarre Jelly game.



Even the game does not have all the stores you utilized to travel around to. Clearly with Bishop gone there is no video store, there is however no guy to train you special moves anymore! That kind of would be a letdown. Dr. Nayomi is still there she seems like she upgraded herself its usually an enjoyment to see her, even if she does not have anything new to buy (I'm on the last boss and there is still only 2 katanas) so I guess she has been too busy searching for a bra to build Travis new weapons.

The terrifying shop keeper with the mask is still there even though his taste has gone down hill, because I have not brought anything he provided yet. When compared to first game, the new accessories and clothes look like a flee markets bargain bin.

The fighting... ah yes the fighting! Travis continues to be handled up a bit. He has less moves than ever before and controls a bit in a different way. To tell the truth I truly didn't like the things they did with him. I had to spend some time to get used to the "new" Travis since I was so utilized to fighting with the old style that needed more effort. This time he does not block so well, there's few "wii-waggle" attacks if any, and playing the other characters enables you to regret going back to him. Travis is my guy, however they did him wrong with the controls and his skills. I suppose he forgot everything he discovered from the last game.



The other characters.... you are able to play as Travis's older brother however who cares about him, let’s discuss my baby SHINOBU! oh yeah! She's the reason I brought this video game. When I noticed you can play the baddest boss from the last game I needed to pick it up. Shinobu wasn't any disappointment point in fact she made the game for me! she is just as entertainment to play as she were to fight. All of her moves are there besides "Sonic sword" or at best she forgot to call it that. She's developed in the past 3 years since her uniform is changed for a dress and high heels. She is a quick fighter with both long variety and aerial assaults. You can easily fight a whole mob with her and not be hit once. It's difficult to play her and not state that she is a better fighter than Travis in the video game, due to the fact she has such a wider various attacks and power moves. Regrettably she's only there for a few levels then she breaks your heart by leaving.

The bosses... you will find there's mixture of them even though this time around you do not get to glimpse into their minds like you did in the first game (they stated so much in their fighting styles only a few phrases needed to be talked about them). In this game there is no so much focus put on what assassin your battling they are just there so Travis can push them aside to acquire revenge. There is really not much mystery about them like who they really are and what they are like in the first game. Their levels do not have anything to do with them (not including like 1 or 2), and so they truthfully are pretty easy. So much simpler than the first game you may virtually get them on the first try. They do not seem to cause you to think just as much regarding your attacks and protection like the first game made you do.



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